Friday, February 23, 2018

Prairie Sisters Club...Gift Giveaway

Happy Friday dear needlefolk friends!

Hope everyone enjoyed the last Friday of February!
Our weather here in Wisconsin is cold, damp,
and rainy...but this too shall pass!


Prairie Sisters Handworke Club News...

Today one club members name was drawn
for the antique gift giveaway...

This antique Lusterware scissor holder is the 
chosen item from my personal collection.

Lusterware was in circulation in the early 1900's,
and was typically from Japan.

Congratulation to club member...

Pat R. from Latrobe, California!

From my home to yours, 
the next club giveaway will 
be the end of May.

Praire Sisters Scissor Mat ⚘⚘⚘
In case anyone missed my earlier post on Wednesday,
this is the first club project.

The scheduled ship date is 
Saturday, March 3rd.

Please note...
 "Prairie Sisters" is the only club that will be offered this year.
Memberships are still available, 
for all the details, please click 


While visiting with an old friend this week 
I had the pleasure of photographing a beautiful girl...
Please meet "Sasha,
she is just as sweet as she is beautiful!
Loves to spend her time soaking up the afternoon sunshine!

It's been awhile since I've had the opportunity to get out
and get some good wildlife photos, this really made my day...
Just a short drive from our farm, these Bald Eagles nest in
this same tree every year...I finally caught them at just
the right time!


The Studio Shop here on the 
Farm will be closed on 

We will be reopening on 
Saturday, March 3rd.


Soul Food...

"Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace,
whose mind is stayed on thee:
because he trusteth in thee."

Isaiah 26:3...kjv


Thoughts of Spring and warmer
days ahead are dancing in my head!

Soulfully, Tammy

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

"Prairie Sisters" Club Update...

Welcome dear needlefolk friends!

I've been laying low the whole month of February,
trying my best to avoid getting the far so good!

But, I'm starting to get cabin fever, 
and really need a fun road trip!

I'm thinking either Minneapolis (Stitchville USA), 
or Madison...decisions, decisions!


Prairie Sisters Handworke Club Update...

Sharing with you today is the first club project...
"Prairie Sisters" Scissor Mat

Model is stitched on 36ct. Edinburgh "Summer Khaki" linen.
The model was antiqued after finishing.

The chosen fabric for the backing...
The Union Blue on this Civil War Reproduction fabric 
was a great match for the sisters dresses!

Today, I will be revealing one of the new club tokens... 

If you notice there are two sets of stitched initials, the TB are mine, 
and the club members name that was drawn to be
included on the charted design is....

JW...Jenny Wright from Canada!
Thank you Jenny for being my long distance stitching sister!

The pattern will also include a charted alphabet,
so you can personalize the scissor mat with your 
 initials and your stitching sister's initials!

If you would like to join "Prairie Sisters" Handworke Club,
memberships are available through my Etsy shop.

To check out all the details, please click on the image below...

More updates to follow this Friday!


Progress is being made on the Antique Reproduction Sampler for Lydia...
Working on this in the evenings for a few hours, 
 the provenance line all stitched...yay!

Lydia Barnes Pidgeon work'd this sampler when nine Years Old 1827

I was planning on working the center section next,
but decided to work the verse instead!


Midweek Soul Food...

If any man will come after me,
let him deny himself, 
and take up his cross daily,
and follow me.

Luke 9:23...kjv


Until next time, enjoy a great day!

Kindly, Tammy

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Fresh New Look...

Welcome dear needlefolk friends!

I know it's only February,
but I already have SPRING fever
flowing through my veins!

SPRING...absolutely my most favorite 
time of the year!

My mind is full of fresh new ideas for the 
months ahead!

Sharing with you today is the 
all new look of my pattern cover  page...

The new layout now coincides with my
blog header!

The background color will now be
chosen from a softer palette!

My newest release "Midwinter's Day" will be 
arriving in shops with the new look,
or to purchase the pattern now,
please Click HERE

Hope you like the new look???


"Prairie Sisters" Handworke Club Update...

I am truly humbled by the continued 
support from loyal club members...the above added
club tokens is my way of showing my 
sincere appreciation to all 
members who join my
handworke clubs!

The "Prairie Sisters" club projects will be designed to be 
practical sewing accessories that can be used from your favorite 
   stitching chair or tucked into your favorite
 for upcoming updates!

New members are always welcome,
memberships are available through my Etsy
Shop, for all the details please 
Click HERE


From my stash of unfinished projects...

Frozen in time, 
neatly packed away...just waiting to be resurrected!

Some of you may remember when I 
started this Antique Reproduction Samplers, 
but life happens and sadly I had to set it 

I remember like it was yesterday being so
excited when I finished stitching the third border!

When I unpacked my unfinished work last night,
I gasped in disbelief at how CLOSE this sampler
is to being FINISHED!

I promised myself to do my best to finished 
Lydia's work once and for all!


Weekend Soul Food...

We will always be most victorious when we are in the center of
 God's will.  When we are in God's will, we are able to see our
trials from God's perspective...through the lens of
 His grace and truth...but what is God's will?

The following verse is so perfect in its simplicity....

Rejoice evermore.
Pray without ceasing.
In every thing give thanks:
for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus
concerning you.

1 Thessalonians 5:16~18...kjv

~ Be joyful:  Intentionally look for joy in each day. (joy is a choice)

~ Be prayerful: Focus your thoughts on God through prayer. 
                        (turn temptations into triggers to pray)

~ Be thankful:  God's blessings can be seen when we focus on what
                         we DO have rather than what we DON'T have!

"Intentionally look for joy as you pray with a thankful heart"


Until next time, 
I'm off to pick up my needle & thread
 to continue working where I
left off!

Soulfully, Tammy

Friday, January 26, 2018

New Pattern ~ "Midwinter's Day"

Welcome dear needlefolk friends!

Today I had the pleasure of enjoying what 
felt like a touch of Spring in the air...temp in 50°s!

Last week the temps were bitterly cold
from 15° ~ 20° below zero...a big difference for sure!

A new winter pattern is now available...
"Midwinter's Day" Tailor's Roll
©2018 Scattered Seed Samplers

Pattern includes instructions, 
charted design & alphabet with numbers to
personalize with your initials and special year!

Stitch count ~ 159W by 63H
Design Area ~ 9.93"W by 3.93"H
Finished Size ~ 10.5"W by 4"H

~ Model was stitched on 32ct Permin hand dyed
"Antique Copper" linen OR your choice

~ DMC thread is used (8colors)

Midwinter's Day can be finished as a framed sampler
or a Tailor's Roll Pinkeep...the choice is your!

To purchase the new pattern, 
click on the photo or click HERE

~ Psalms 74:17 ~
"Thou hast set all the borders of the earth:  
thou hast made summer and winter"...kjv


Stitching this sampler was extra special...

Because I used this wonderful
antique workbasket that was gifted to me by
my dearest son Samuel for Christmas!

The inside is lined with old fabric that 
is aged to perfection!

I find such great joy is using most all my antique sewing
 goodies that I've collected over the years!


So, I definitely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new computer,
BUT this past week I've been as war with my new
design software... 
The good news is ~
 I'm a warrior at heart and
 I'm DETERMINED to win this battle!


Last week we had a snowstorm...

The wind was so brisk the snow even covered our
back porch...stepping out all I saw were rabbit ears 
poking through the snow!

Truly covered in a blanket of snow!

Not a lot of snow,
but just enough to make things 
look like the Wisconsin
that I love!

These bird houses were once our old mailbox
that my husband cut in half  to make into
two separate bird apartments...the birds are 
fighting over them all the time!

Love my little straw houses mounting on each side of
 the Studio window... all our snow melted today!


The past couple of weeks have been very trying!

Last week I ended up in the emergency room...

I've been on meds while recovering all week...feeling much better!

During that time I found out my facebook account had been hacked,
 had to reset my pass word...seems to be back to normal now!


Love the saying ~ "Life if Goode"...

For when the storm passes, 
"Nothing tastes as good as being at PEACE feels"



Due to the horrible flu season 
peaking here in Wisconsin...we will be CLOSED
for a few weeks!


Weekend Soul Food...

"Come unto me, 
all ye that labour and are heavy laden,
and I will give you rest."

Matthew 11:28...kjv


Wishing each and everyone of you 
a lovely weekend!

Much love, Tammy

Friday, January 5, 2018

Olde Man Winter...

Welcome dear needlefolk friends!

I'm loving the peace and calm that ringing 
in the new year has brought to my soul!

A true sense of a clean slate and a reset button 
on sooo many things!

I LOVE making new plans and setting new goals!


Prairie Sisters Handworke Club Update...

Everything is set and ready to go for 2018's newest club!
Early sign up is available through my Etsy shop.

To check out all the details, 
please CLICK HERE 


This week I've been having fun working 
on a new pattern design using my new Apple computer.

It's a bit of a new learning curve as I'm also
using a brand new designing far so good!

This new pattern hopefully will be released by the end of 
the month and will be available through my Etsy shop,
and also in needlework shops.


I've really been in a cleaning mood the last couple
 of weeks, which always turns ups forgotten
  treasures that have been tucked away
  in boxes and drawers...
Old lockets, books and lace!

I'm happy to say that eight large bags of
miscellaneous items have been donated to Salvation Army! 

And before I'm done...there will be many more!


It sounds like many, many states are getting
a taste of COLD weather...
Every winter I have the same conversation with 
myself...why do I continue to live in Wisconsin??????

The same answer always whispers to my soul...this too shall pass!

If the little birds can survive...I can too!


will be...

We are located at ~
W4253 County Road B
West Salem, Wisconsin 54669
(608) 799~4418


Weekend Soul Food...

I'm off to enjoy a nice hot cup of tea!
Much Love, Tammy